It was our last big walk today again in glorious sunshine. We started at the top of the chair lift at Costabella at 2278m and covered 13km finishing at a height of 1921m. The climbs and descents were fairly gentle. After lunch we headed backĀ  in three groups but not allĀ  to the same car park which did cause some confusion but thanks to mobile phones and Charles’ initiative everyone made it back to the hotel in good time.

This evening we ate at Kusk La Locanda, the pizza restaurant next to the hotel where we had eaten earlier in the week. A lively and efficient place which was able to cope with a party of twelve that kept changing its mind as to whether it would have or share starters and pizzas!

Tomorrow is the Festival del Puzzone di Moena, the local cheese festival which I could only gather from the tourist office involves eating lots of cheese. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Good night

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