Although Italy is now a long way away, the memories of an epic time in the Dolomites are still vivid so here are a few statistics on the ground we covered as well and a few more photos.

According to the stats we walked a total of 61.8km. Thank you Charles for filling in some of the gaps when I forgot to switch off my EastTrails app.

Thankfully there does not seem to be an app that automatically records how much wine you drink!

Start 2126m.

Max altitude 2426.

Finish 1810

Total 16.8km

Start 1746m

Max altitude 2172

Finish 1746

Total 12.8km

Start 2338m.

Max altitude 2333.

Finish 11742

Total 12.9km

Start 2143m.

Max altitude 2390.

Finish 2143

Total 6.4km

Start 2278m.

Max altitude 2525

Finish 1904

Total 12.9km

For the whole week we were in the Dolomites we had idyllic weather but all around us we saw evidence of the very severe weather event that took place on 29 October 2019 that flattened thousands of trees and caused massive destruction. More information can be found here

.......and a few photos from our week in Garda

Thank you Debbie & Paulo

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