From Debbie & Paulo

Day One

Monday 9/9:  Arrival at Hotel Maria

There is a wine-bar (cantina) downstairs with a great selection of wines and grappas for a nightcap. Cristina the waitress was very helpful. 

Day Two

Tuesday 10/9: We will come and meet you at the hotel for first walk

Walk:  Malga Bocche

We drive to the chair lift Ronchi (5 mins) to go up to the Alpi Lusia area, Here we divide into our groups. Group A with Paolo go up and around to Malga Bocche passing the Bocche lakes and Group B with Deb go along the flat forest ranger’s path to Malga Bocche (2hr) where we all meet for lunch and then both groups go back the same way.

Dinner booked for 8pm at Taverna Garber (this has Piet’s seal of approval), we enjoyed Venison and a Teroldego red (Cantina Zeni), it is two mins walk from hotel.

A: 12K  B: 11K (flat)

Dinner is at Taverna Kusk next door to hotel (10% discount) 8pm

Day Three

Wednesday 11/9

Walk: Val Venegia-Pale di San Martino-Baita Segantini- Passo Rolle/Cristo Pensante

Drive to Val Venegia (35-40 mins), both groups walk to Baita Segantini (2 hr) for lunch (short bit uphill at end) then Group A goes with Paolo up to the statue of the Thinking Christ and back another route to the cars, group B go down to Passo Rolle (1.30hr), (there is also a minibus service down if you feel like it) and wait for the others to pick them up. Such a wonderful walk with fantastic scenery, We’ve wanted to take you before but a bit too far from Canazei. 

A: 13K   B: 10K 

Dinner: Malga Roncac short taxi ride 8pm

Day Four

Thursday 12/9:

        Walk: Roda Di Vael

Drive to Re Laurino chairIift (20 mins,both groups walk to Rifugio Roda di Vael for lunch (1.30 hour,) then Group A walk back to car whereas group B walks down to the Paolina chair lift and takes lift down and has a drink at Bar Belvedere and waits for the others to pick them up A:13K    B:8K

Dinner: Malga Panna (mini bus from Malga picks you up at hotel)

Day Five

Friday 13/9:  We leave and this can be your free day/ golf day (Passo Costalunga)/ walk if you want to day

Dinner: tbc

Day Six

Saturday 14/9

Walk: Rifugio Fulciade

Your walking guide is Piet today as we did this walk together last week and you go to Passo San Pellegrino (15 mins) where you take the Costabella chair-lift up to top.  Group A goes left up to Rifugio Selle and round and back to Fulciade whilst Group B takes the forest ranger’s path (1.15 hr)all the way to Rifugio Fulciade (excellent food) where the others will join you and you all walk back along the path (white road) to the Pass where the cars are.   

A:13K, B:8K

Dinner: tbc

Last day:

Sunday 15/9

Lots of leisurely walks around Moena along the river or walk to Soraga or go up with the Lusia chairlift and get off at first station and walk down, lots to choose from…

Dinner: tbc

Monday 16/9: Departure

The last few nights I’ve left the dinners for you to book, maybe try the hotel one night , there is also a beer cellar next door to your hotel and you can always return to the restaurants you liked the best AND don’t forget that week there is the local festa in town dedicated to the Puzzone cheese… also very good timing as from Monday 16th quite a few lifts are closed.

Group A= Advanced , Group B= Easy

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