Sasso Lungo 2017

From Debbie & Paulo

We have just returned from a very successful trip to Moena, the 4* Hotel Maria is very centrally situated and quite similar in style to the La Perla in Canazei.  A short 2 min walk along the river takes you into the centre of Moena which is delightful and practically traffic free since the by-pass was opened a few years ago.  A very friendly receptionist Daniela gave us lots of info regarding your stay 9-16 Sept.

  Adjacent to the hotel is a taverna called Locanda Kusk where you can eat at a discount rate of 10%, this is a popular night spot !
There Is a great choice of restaurants in the town including:
Ristorante Stella (we have eaten here in the past many times …good local food). Osteria Tyrol Taverna del Garber (we came here with you one night when we were in Vigo for skiing all those years ago). Malga Roncac Plus various pizzerias etc and the hotel itself.
There is also Malga Panna which has a MIchelin Star , this is a couple of K up the road but they have a mini-bus to pick you up and take you back… it’s pretty famous ! Maybe good for your last night but it needs booking up in advance !
We did a short walk today up by Malga Panna (no snow at all…very strange)but we will be going up for a couple of days in the spring and then again in the summer to check out all the walks, also because due to the terrible wind at the end of October which uprooted many trees they are still working to clear all the paths.

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  1. Just ONE pic….”Sasso Lungo 2017″….tells anyone anything they need to know why the KW Team is currently limbering up for a THIRD delicious helping of Dolomite walking. Just one problem….where am I (and certain other KW Team members) in this shot?) Was I lagging behind…..(again!)? ….Or simply too busy with my own camera…somewhere behind (presumably) you, Jerry? [Memo to self: must try harder to keep up…..and focused. But, hey….then again….that scenery, eh…..!]

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