At the age of about twelve I remember desperately saving up to buy my first camera, an Halina 35x, and since then photography has been an integral part of my work and leisure. I have spent most of my  life teaching geography and involved in rowing as a competitor and coach, in various locations around the world. This has given me limitless potential to use my camera.

You can see what I enjoy photographing and filming. I suppose I would be described as a lifestyle-cum-documentary photographer. I tend to adopt a fly-on-the-wall approach, not trying to interfere with what is going on and capturing the spontaneity of an event or situation.

I was particularly fortunate to photograph much of a journey down the Mississippi in rowing boats in 2014, the account of which was published in The Great River Rowed in 2018 with many of my photographs. My photos have also appeared in a wide variety of publications including one recently in the Daily Telegraph.

The way you tell your story can make all the difference.